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Now works too though, if you’re up for it.

It happens.

Not officially, but pretty much, yeah!

The artist does not have the longest attention span in the world, and is impressively slow at drawing, so a blog post, even one or two panels, takes a considerable amount of time, when she’d prefer to just do a quick doodle about 95% of the time.

Blog isn’t closing, and I’m not officially abandoning it, just my motivation to update it has migrated for now. It’s possible it will return in the future, but until then, I’m always findable here.

I really do wish she’d stop shouting quite so constantly.

If I leave her standing like this overnight then she will just resume functioning normally tomorrow.

There’s a time and a place for mucking around.

Science!..Well, Physics!..Why are you looking at me like that?

Come on, I tried to make you a cup of tea, but, long story short, it’s coffee.

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